Capitol Hill Tandoor & Grill Washington DC

Capitol Hill Tandoor & Grill
419 8th St SE
(bet D & E St SE)
Washington, D.C., 20003

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Capitol Hill Tandoor ©

Capitol Hill Tandoor & Grill DC Restaurant Review: Decent Indian Food

It was around 1:30PM on a chilly winter afternoon and I was ambling around 8th St SE looking for a restaurant to silence the hungry bellows from my stomach.

Voila, my eyes fell on Capitol Hill Tandoor & Grill and its inviting signboard "Pakistani and Indian Cuisine with American Accent."

The items listed on the lunch buffet board looked interesting.

Never one to say 'no" to an Indian buffet, I quickly marched into the restaurant.


When I walked in around 1:30 PM, the spacious Capitol Hill Tandoor & Grill dining hall was empty save for one other diner.

Capitol Hill Tandoor & Grill Washington, D.C. ©
Capitol Hill Tandoor Dining Hall

As you walk in, you have the dining hall with tables upfront and buffet station to the right.

Dining room and tables were clean, silver was neatly kept on a napkin.

I was greeted by a smiling waitress and allowed to pick any table.

She promptly filled my water glass and informed me that I could start the buffet immediately.


Priced at $10.95, the Capitol Hill Tandoor and Grill buffet included assorted vegetable Pakora, Tandoori Chicken for appetizers, Chicken Tikka Makhani, Channa Masala, Okra Do Piaza, Saag Paneer, Baingan Bartha for entrees and standard staples like Basmati Rice, Naan bread and Kheer for dessert.

Capitol Hill Tandoor & Grill Washington, D.C. ©
Buffet Station

There was adequate food in each of the buffet vessels.

Also, each of the food items at the buffet station were clearly marked with labels and the vessels closed with a lid.

A+ for buffet station hygiene and neat labelling.


Vegetable Pakora included Onion and Potato fritters.

Pakoras were hot and crisp as they should be.

Capitol Hill Tandoor Tandoori Chicken, Pakora ©
Tandoori Chicken (top) Onion, Potato Pakora (bottom)

To say that Tandoori Chicken is "Divine" would be an understatement.

God knows what spice masala was used for marination, it was easily the most delicious and well roasted Tandoori Chicken that I have ever had at an Indian restaurant in a long time.

I cannot too strongly recommend the Tandoori Chicken at Capital Hill Tandoor Grill.


In a pleasant mood after the Tandoori Chicken trip, I moved on to entrees staring with Chicken Tikka Makhani.

Set in a creamy gravy, Chicken pieces in Chicken Tikka Makhani were tender and well marinated.

A creamy, flavorful delight.

Capitol Hill Tandoor & Grill Entrees Washington, D.C. ©
Chicken Tikka Makhani (bottom), Channa Masala (left)
Saag Paneer (top), Naan (right)

The mildly spiced Baingan Bartha packed a thick gravy and a tangy flavor. It was good with rice.

Capitol Hill Tandoor & Grill Entrees Washington, D.C. ©
Bhindi Do Piaza (top left) Baingan Bartha (bottom right)

Palak Paneer was yet another mildly spiced entree but still flavorful.

My only complaint was that the Paneer cubes were a bit hard.

Channa Masala usually gets short shrift at most Indian restaurants. But not at Capitol Hill Tandoor and Grill.

It was well cooked, flavorful and included a thick moderately spiced gravy.

Ditto with Okra Do Piaza. Though mildly spiced it was still flavorful.

Okra was tender and gave no room for any complaint.

Rice and Naan

Basmati Rice was hot and had a freshly prepared texture.

But the biggest disappoinment at Capitol Hill Tandoor and Grill came in the form of Naan bread.

Naan bread was way too crisp. It had been dumped at buffet station.

Naan bread is best when served hot at the table right from the Tandoor.


There was just one dessert - Kheer - during my visit.

In my view, an Indian buffet ought to include at least two desserts.

What a bummer!

Capitol Hill Tandoor & Grill Kheer Washington, D.C. ©

Kheer was cold and included right proportion of sweetness and milk.

Boy, was it delicious.


Capitol Hill Tandoor and Grill is one of those rare restaurants where good food is accompanied polite and professional service.

Used plates were removed and water glasses filled promptly. There was sumptious quantity of food at the buffet station.

Capitol Hill Tandoor & Grill - Rating

Notwithstanding my disappointment with Naan bread, I would heartily recommend Capitol Hill Tandoor and Grill to all ye lovers of Indian cuisine.

Hey, the $10.95 all you can eat lunch buffet that includes tasty Indian curries is a steal in the nations's capital. - ©

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