Washington D.C. Bus to NYC, Atlanta, Richmond

For cheap inter-city travel from Washington DC to New York, Philadelphia, Newark (DE), Wilmington (DE), Atlanta, Richmond, Pittsburgh, Toronto and other cities, it's hard to beat buses.

A lot of buses have comfortable, push-back seats, rest-rooms, power outlets (they work 100% of the time) and WiFi (they rarely work).

Union Station Bus Terminal © DCIndia.us
Union Station Bus Terminal, Washington DC

In Washington DC, the major bus station is conveniently located on the upper floor of Union Station on Massachussets Ave.

Plus, you can get off the subway at the lower level, grab a bite to eat at the Union Station food court and then climb the escaltor to the bus terminal.

MegaBus, Greyhound, DC2NY

At the Union Station bus terminal, you can catch buses from different operators including Megabus, DC2NY, Greyhound, DC Circulator and Washington Deluxes.

Bus fares are as low as $1 if you book in advance. But for next day travel, the fares vary by day of week and can go as high as $25 for one way tickets to New York City on Megabus.

A major negative of the Union Station bus terminal is the disorganized state of departures.

There are no signs for destinations and it's easy to stand in the wrong line and discover only when you get to the bus that you are in the wrong line.

To avoid missing your bus, don't hesitate to ask one of the uniformed workers about the destination.

Try to book well in advance to snag low fares on any of the bus routes.

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