Indigo Washington DC

243 K St NE
(bet 2nd & 3rd St NE)
Washington, DC 20001

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Indigo Washington, DC Review: Not Good Value

Located on K St NE between 2nd St and 3rd St in Washington, DC, and a mere 15-minute walk from Union Station, is Indigo Indian food.

No Lunch Buffet

Unlike a lot of Indian restaurants in Washington D.C., Indigo does not offer an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet.

Instead, it peddles entrees, Biryanis, Naan Bread, and Rolls from the a la carte menu.

Indigo Washington, D.C. Menu ©
Indigo Menu

Non-Veg Entrees are $10 and above, Vegetarian entrees are 2 for $10, rolls cost $9, and Biryani is $11.

Vegetarian option comes with choice of two vegetable curries and either rice or Naan bread.

Non-vegetarian entrees come with one curry and either rice or Naan bread.

I picked up a non-vegetarian entree and two vegetarian entrees the other day.

Spicy Chicken Curry was my choice for non-vegetarian entree and Baingan Aloo and Bhindi were my vegetarian picks, both with rice.

Here's my take on Indigo's entrees starting with Spicy Chicken curry.

Spicy Chicken Curry - $10

Set in a medium thick brown color gravy with chopped cilantro seasoning, Spicy Chicken Curry included about 10 small pieces of chicken.

Indigo Washington, D.C. Curry ©
$22 - Spicy Chicken Curry (bottom right) Baingan Aloo (top left)
Bhindi (middle), Rice with Channa (top right & bottom left)

My Chicken curry was spicy but not as spicy as it ought to have been.

I suppose Americans would find Indigo's Spicy Chicken Curry spicy but it would disappoint Indians.

In other words, Indigo's Spicy Chicken curry was really not an authentic Indian curry.

I was also disappointed with the small serving size.

Spicy Chicken curry came with four spoons of rice with Channa Masala topping and some spinach leaves dressing.

Needless to say if you are a hearty eater you will end up paying a lot more than $10 to satiate your hunger.

Vegetarian Entrees - $10

Not too pleased with my not-spicy-enough Spicy Chicken Curry, I moved on to the vegetarian boxes.

Again, the serving size of both vegetarian curries were small.

Baingan Aloo was on the flavorful side but the Baingan pieces were a bit hard indicating either poor quality of the vegetable or insufficient time on the stove.

Besides Aloo, Baingan Aloo included a few pieces of green peas and tomato.

What about the Bhindi? Bhindi was tender and flavorful but the serving size was too small.

I had no issues with Channa Masala topping on the rice too where taste is concerned.

Service, Ambiance

Like a lot of Indian restaurants in metro Washington DC area, Indigo has no great ambience to speak of.

Indigo Washington, D.C. Ambiance©

Sure, there are a few tables but it's primarily a takeout place.

As you enter you have a few tables and a menu board.

You check the day's menu, place your order, pay up and wait for your food to be ready.

Though Indigo touts itself as Indian food on the go and a takeout place, my takeout order did not include basic things like napkins, spoons and fork.

As i was waiting for my food to be ready, entertainment came by way of a minor tiff between the middle-aged owner/manager and a young Indian teenager (family member??) who walked out in a huff.

Also, my order was packed badly and the gravy from Spicy Chicken curry leaked soiling my hands and jacket.

Indigo Washington, DC Rating

Indigo serves average Indian curries.

But the serving size is small and not value for money.

If you are a light eater, take the Indigo plunge.

But if you really want to suppress the bellowing from your stomach, go elsewhere. - ©

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